Company specializing in identifying risks and developing individual solutions to eliminate them.

Our goal is to make the client’s business and life safe.

Our vision

Provide the client with a wide range of security services at a high professional level, asserting its positions at the global level, without stopping development and improvement – thereby paving the way for the success and safety of the client, his relatives, partners and his interests.


We are committed to continuous improvement of the services we provide to our clients. By investing and developing our most important assets, our employees are carefully selected and trained in all areas of our company. Thanks to our commitment to high standards and striving for development, our clients are served at a high level not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Our advantages

High standard of professional staff, close cooperation with International companies in the field of security, consulting and global projects and a wide range of services under one roof.

Personal security and safety

Your peaceful sleep, work and rest are our work. We are invisible, but always close. We do not interfere and do not create a feeling of constant supervision. But wherever you are, CPSO has everything under control.

Special collection

CPSO special collection is a full range service. We take on the entire organization and are responsible for the safety of the cargo. We assemble a team individually for your order. The valuable cargo will be guarded by specially trained people in an armored vehicle.

Security consulting

Better to be cautious than recklessly relying on chance. We at CPSO know everything about business, home and leisure security.
We have a full range of products and services at our disposal to protect the most valuable.

Performing special tasks

To perform special tasks, elite security units are involved, which have experience in the implementation of tasks of increased complexity, are in a mode of constant combat and psychological readiness.


At the state level, the mechanism for combating cybercrime has not been regulated, but this threat, although invisible, is capable of causing permanent damage to business. Enormous losses and damage to the reputation can be eliminated long after an attack. Internal and external cybersecurity from CPSO is an impenetrable fortress for intruders.